Mystery Society 2-Mystery Society 2 v2.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Mystery Society 2


Mystery Society 2 is a game that combines object search and match-three gameplay in which players will face many quests. Players will be able to travel to detailed environments to find the required items on the list. Also, some match-three levels require you to overcome challenges in a limited number of turns.


In Mystery Society 2, players will act as detectives and solve different cases, and this investigation focuses on finding essential objects in each location they go to. At the same time, players will be able to travel to many different locations, and of course, it’s not just tourism but a place that will bring challenges for you. Indeed, the experience that this game brings is not too difficult for players to access.

Each location has its own utterly detailed design, which is typical of the object search game genre. Creating a detailed environment will allow objects to hide easily and not stand out too much from the rest of the environment in which they appear. So, in some cases, players will have difficulty finding these objects, and it becomes a challenge that they have to overcome.


When you start the level of Mystery Society 2, you will come to an environment full of different objects that you can freely choose. Of course, only a few items can help you pass this level, and they will gather into a list that you can find. Each time the correct choice is made, the list will continuously decrease until no items are left. Therefore, anyone will try to complete the level in the best way.

Each place you go to has a beauty that you will not be able to ignore, and certainly, it also gives you many different challenges. Each level you go to has a background suitable for that location, so you will feel the impression when traveling to different cities. At the same time, they all have detailed design touches to prevent you from quickly recognizing what you are looking for, and the level of challenge will increase over time.

When you have problems with locations, the game will also provide you with some support functions, such as the use of hints. The use of hints often appears in puzzle games, and of course, you can only use them within a specific limit. With just a few seconds, immediately, the target will be located, and you need to touch them to complete the level. If you are bored with finding objects, the match-three levels are also interesting.


In Mystery Society 2, players will find many different match-three levels, and they offer many of the same challenges as the looting gameplay. Your goal to complete is to find and collect the necessary elements in a level with a limited number of moves. So, if you don’t complete the stage within a limited range of moves, it will fail, and you will have to start over.

An interesting point when you experience match-three games is that there will always be supporting factors besides the challenges you face. The factor that should be mentioned is the boosters, which is typical of the match-three genre when it provides the power to help you influence many factors above the frame of the level. Of course, this effect has specific ranges and requires a lot of match factors to create a booster.

Players will not be able to ignore the journey of performing impressive detective work:

Players will travel to different locations to perform their missions, and each location offers you impressive designs and challenges.The first experience you will find is searching for objects levels with a list that requires you to retrieve the correct objects from the environment.The use of hints is a valuable solution in urgent situations when the game’s environment is complex and makes it difficult to recognize objects.The match-three levels are also interesting as the player will try to solve the problem in some moves that this game prescribes.When you face many challenges, saving moves and boosters will bring impressive effects is essential.