iGun Pro 2-iGun Pro 2 v2.121 MOD APK (Unlocked All Weapon)

iGun Pro 2-iGun Pro 2 v2.121 MOD APK (Unlocked All Weapon) title=

iGun Pro 2


iGun Pro 2 is a simulation game worth trying in your spare time because the gameplay is not too complicated but still equally interesting. If you are a person who has a special passion for guns and wants to be able to learn about them, this will be the right game for you. With this game, players can completely participate in a large gun world with many different gun models, from classic to modern.


iGun Pro 2 will not take you to dramatic survival battles but is just a place for you to experience all the guns you want. Rather, you will know some information such as the names, construction, and materials of many different types of guns in the world. Not only watching, but you can also freely interact with each gun to see how they work. Just touch the trigger, each bullet will automatically be fired, and the sound can be heard in a very realistic way.

If you think this experience alone will be boring, don’t rush because the most exciting part of the game is still waiting for you. You will have the opportunity to become a talented weapon maker and freely express your creativity in creating many hundreds of gun models. Everything will be available, from the complete parts such as the barrel, stock, sights, colors, and patterns. Your job will be to combine them together to create an eye-catching and impressive weapon of your own.


From the very first levels right from the start, you simply need to install the parts for the small guns and set up the features for them. If you want, you can also add a little color to make it stand out or some patterns on the gun body, depending on your preference. But later on, the difficulty will increase, and you will have to create more guns of larger sizes or sometimes more complex structures.

These guns will possess an extremely formidable power and are only commonly used in the defense system of some major countries. At this point, you will need to exploit your hidden creativity to be able to create quality and modern products. Not only that, but you will be able to show off your best friend through gun design competitions and compete with other players to find out who will be the best builder.


To be able to bring your players the best experience, diversity will always be put on top. When experiencing different games, players will always have needs related to diversity in features so that they do not feel bored. And because of this, the game has also added a diverse weapon system with many unique gun styles to its players.

As a game with content around the topic of weapons, also known as an encyclopedia of guns, iGun Pro 2 will certainly have a huge gun collection. Here you can find a lot of guns with amazing shapes and powers that you rarely see. Some typical names such as Python, RFB, M4A1, or PT 911 will surprise you with their extremely modern design.


Finally, a feature that plays an extremely important role that directly affects the player’s experience is the graphics. Graphics will be the main means for game makers to bring the most special ideas to their players through images. So the developers of iGun Pro 2 have also had a lot of research on different images to bring the best graphics system.

The game is inspired by a lot of different guns that exist in the world, and recreating them will be extremely difficult. The game’s creators spent a lot of time studying the images and reproducing them in the most detail. All will contribute to the player when participating in the experience of the highest quality graphics with images that are considered perfect.


The game is built based on the simulation genre to be able to give players the most realistic experience.The game will allow players to experience all the different guns in the world that they love.The challenge system also gives players incentives to be able to pass and continue to complete the game.A variety of different gun models are already integrated inside to enhance the unique experience.The game’s graphics will play an essential role in simulating gun models very realistic way.